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Our services comprise:
Full Service PR
Media Contacts
Press Releases
Success Stories
Ready to use Editorials
Media Observation
PR Photography
Print Advertising/Booking
Market Exploration

Our media contacts:
4,300 Newspapers
16,650 Magazines 
380 Radio Stations
280 TV Channels/Producers
5,200 Online Media
12 News Agencies
plus German speaking
    Media approx 90 Countries

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 Enter Europe´s biggest market place!
Pressways is a full service PR network that helps you to enter the German market place. We reach almost every publication in print, radio, tv or web.
Pressways provides you with professional press kits
and delivers them to any specified media target group.
Additional marketing services are available for your operations in Germany. Our pricing is below market average, and we succeed with almost every press kit. We continuously work for top3 and world market leaders in various branches of business. What about you?

Promote and sell products, 
draw attention to your exhibitions 
or conduct market research
in the heart of Europe


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If there is a target group 
that can be addressed through the media we will very probably reach them


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